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Keymaster is the best programmer for Mercedes, VAG and many other brands. Read all EDC17-bench mode and many others. Constant updates and many other features.


  • Reading passwords or content is done via OBD or IR
  • With our device, you can add or/and fix a used EZS, ELV , gearbox controler, engine ECU, or key
  • All key lost at no extra cost! No TOKENS
  • You generate as many passwords and keys as you want!
  • It does not request any bonding techniques like soldering
  • There is no need OPEN EZS HOUSING. This applies to ALL TYPES OF EZS, from W202,W203 W208,210 to 207,204,166,176,212,221, and many more…
  • Everything is done via OBD / IR in the car or after connecting the adapter to the EZS plug, ELV, Gearbox or engine controller
  • Key Ignition, ELV locks, engine controllers, gearbox controllers, gear selection controllers
  • Reading, writing, renewing ALL types of FBS3 key ignitions on the OBD or IR interface (tested on 99% key ignitions until 2014)
  • Persolalization, activation of renewed elements on the bench or in car.
  • Reading the password from the EZS without additional charges. No limits
  • Reading, renewing, modification of data stored in the ELV
  • Reading, renewing the engine controllers ALL TYPES
  • Reading, renewing of ISM / DSM, and also EWM w 220!
  • COPYING / CLONING of all types of EZS without the need to solder or open it!!!!!!
  • The function of the so-called green key or gray key– the program generates a key which replaces the service key and allows you to modify the data at the dealer level! FREE!
  • Calculation of the password from the EIS station and the operating key (online – NO additional fees !!)

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