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Chip Tuning


CarHack are specialists in remapping the ECU. ECU remapping replaces the ECU’s default settings and overwrites it with new software designed to optimize vehicle performance. In essence, the program that controls the operation of the engine is reconfigured via the OBD port and the new version is designed for the specific car, specific to the climate and the driver’s setting goals.

The ability to flash directly through OBD has allowed the tuning industry to develop faster processes and CarHack to develop its own software. So why would you want to remap your ECU?

In general, torque and power can be significantly increased, your engine will respond better when you press the gas. Smooth power delivery, making it easier and safer to overtake. Improved gas response and rev range will be improved. There may be effects on fuel consumption if driving style does not change, then often fuel economy can be improved, but if drivers make the most of increased power and torque over the entire rev range, then fuel consumption can to increase. Remapping the ECU alone does not affect the expected longevity of your engine, but your driving style and the use of power and stronger driving then naturally can reduce the life of your engine. We have remapping modern engines without any problems and we can discuss this directly with you if you have concerns about your particular car.

We are specialist in BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porshe, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Honda, Mazda, Opel, Volvo, Seat, Dacia, Skoda, Dodge, Kia, Nissan and many more.


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